As we grow older and start making more money, saving up your cash to invest in your first home is an excellent future goal. But how do you save up your hard earned income to make that first down payment?

Here are a few ideas to save.

1) Take a look at your budget and start with money that you save and spend on a monthly basis. People are often surprised how much money they can find when they focus on their finances and temporarily decrease their spending habits. For example, taking a break from the gym could save $60 per month, while buying generic brands of food at the grocery store can save $160 per month. These two items alone would save over $2,600 on a yearly basis.

2) Consider a second job or temporary gig. A part-time job at 16 hours per week making $10 per hour would equal $160 per week before taxes, adding up to over $8,300 per year! A side gig could be anything from driving with Uber or Lyft or making deliveries with Postmates.

3) For the time being, if you're investing money in your 401K or IRA for retirement, allocate the full or partial amount to saving up for your down payment. On one hand, it's (temporarily) less money toward retirement, but on the other hand you'll be able to save for your down payment even faster.