It’s been months of intensive house hunting, and you finally found the right home for your family. Moving into a new property is an exciting experience. The thrill and anxiety involved with moving to a new home are both appealing and overwhelming. After settling on your ideal home, you’ll need to secure a mortgage.

Many aspiring homeowners struggle with securing a mortgage on the property of their dreams. As a result, they end up finding a lender that offers them a deal at a higher interest rate than they expect, adding to the monthly mortgage payment for the home.

If you’re planning on buying a home soon, we can help. Our mortgage origination services specialize in purchase loans and short-sell consolidations, as well as loan modifications and refinancing deals.

Our professional service works with your best interests at heart. We’ll fight for your right to the lowest interest rate available, and we always do our utmost best to secure affordable loans for all of our clients.

Take the hassle out of sourcing your mortgage and let the professionals handle all of the paperwork for you. With Eagles Mortgage Company, you get the best rates for your real estate deals in Downey, CA.