Refinancing Your Home

Refinancing a home is a great option for many in the Downey, CA area, and our team of lending pros is here to help you get the loan that is right for you.

Whether you’re refinancing your home to get a lower rate, lower your payments, adjust your loan length, or even get cash out from your equity to consolidate debt or do home improvements, we’re here and able to help Downey, CA homeowners get the refinance option that they need.

Why Go With Us?

First Time Buyer

Our team works directly with first time buyers in Downey, CA to help them through the confusing process. We’ll work to find you first time home buyer loans and make sure that you get the best loan for your needs.

Moving/Buying A New Home

When you are ready to move or purchase a new Downey, CA home, we’re ready to get you a new loan that will work for your needs and get you into the property you’re looking at.

Vacation Home

Looking for a vacation home in Downey, CA? There are loans that are actually designed specifically for those looking for a vacation home. We’ll help you find it.

First Time Buyer

Whether it’s a rental, a commercial property, or a long-term investment property in Downey, CA, we can secure a loan that is right for your needs and that will help you get exactly what you require from your investment opportunity.

Types of Loan Options:

Government Loans

These loans are backed by the federal government, giving borrowers easier qualification requirements and better rates than many other options out there if they and their Downey, CA property meet the guidelines.

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Conventional Loans

Our team can help Downey, CA home buyers find the perfect home loan, with great rates and terms. Along the way, we explain everything to give you confidence when you borrow.

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Construction Loans

Those looking to build a home in Downey, CA will find construction loans that match their needs perfectly.

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Hard Money Loans

If you have assets and need fast cash, these loans are designed to put money in your pocket.

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Down Payment Assistance

We can help you secure the down payment you need to qualify for a loan.

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How It Works

Free Consultation

We talk to you about what you want, what kind of loans will work best for you, and more. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to apply with confidence

Get Approved

With your income information and your credit check, we’ll verify that you qualify for your loan.

Secure Your New Loan

Our team walks you through the loan process and ensures that you get it without hassle or headache.

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Sheila Nelson-Griggs

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